Monday, March 25, 2013

A Competition

Hi everyone,

My friend, Namita, here in India told me about this blog competition. People from around the world upload their blogs to a particular website. People have until the 15th of April to vote for their favorites. The top 100 are then selected. From that group, 16 peoples' names are drawn. Those 16 will swap places with one another for ten days. Each person will blog for the ten days about their experiences as they immerse in a different culture. I think it sounds absolutely amazing. Not to mention, it's documenting a different culture.... sound familiar? That is exactly what I've bee doing in India for the past three months. Needless to say, I think I would be great at this. 

The website is the Big Blog Exchange if you are interested in looking at it. Click the picture to the right to vote for this blog. You might have to search The Curryer in the search bar if it doesn't pop up right away. 

If it works out, it'll be a lof of fun. However, there are a million blogs already posed on the website, and I'm starting a month late. Ah well, one can always hope, right? In the mean time, I'm gong to continue to live it up in India. 

Don't want to waist a minute! 

On another note, this is how I immerse in culture.... through snakes!

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